The U.S. Air Force is indeed back and with a vengeance!  After a five-year hiatus, the Air Force Corrosion Conference is back.  Join leaders from the Air Force, other U.S. DoD military organizations, industry, and academia as we Prevent, Seek, and Destroy Corrosion!

During the Corrosion Conference, you will hear from Air Force Leadership regarding our corrosion policies, processes, and roadmaps while also learning about innovative solutions in corrosion control and mitigation techniques.  The event will also feature corrosion training geared towards the greatest asset the Air Force has – our people – from maintainers to engineers and logisticians. 

We invite you to attend this event and get involved in the various technical sessions and training opportunities that will be offered.  The Corrosion Conference is being hosted to promote corrosion awareness and provide insight into strategies the Air Force has set forth to battle corrosion such that we maintain air dominance and ensure mission capable assets are ready to Fly, Fight, Win at a moments notice.  The Air Force is proud of our history and looking forward to the future.  We are embracing new ways of doing business and integrating emerging solutions.  We are committed to constant improvement to achieve excellence in all we do. 

We’re back… with a vengeance on CORROSION!